The Input rollout determines the path and template name of the input files.



The ticked check-boxes indicate which channels are going to be present in the current input.

Input Path (MXS: rendinput) - The input path gives the directory and the name template for the input files. You can use the browse button to select the path or type it manually. Some replaceable words are supported for more flexibility:



Anim. index(MXS:uset2f, t2f) - when enabled this option allows the user to directly specify which frame from the input will be used at any given point in time.


Read from (MXS: inpoffset) - starting frame of the sequence to read


Play At (MXS: playat) - position in the animation where the sequence will be placed


Max. Length (MXS: inplength) - when this parameter is larger than 0, the sequence length is limited to its value.


Play speed (MXS: play_speed) - a multiplier for the playback speed

Blend method(MXS: frmblend) - chose between two different methods for interpolation between key frames


Linear - simple linear interpolation suitable for slow simulations


Velocity - velocity based interpolation, requires an exported velocity channel.