This roll out controls the parameters regarding the simulation of liquids


Simulator Panel

Liquid (MXS: liquid) - The channel used as liquid.


Approach steps (MXS: lqsteps) - The cycles of condensation performed at each simulation step.


Action distance (MXS:lqad ) - The "smoothness" of the vapor gradient, used in the condensation. Bigger values produce bigger droplets.


Surface tension (MXS:lqsurft ) - The force produced by the curvature of the liquid surface. NOTE: The Action distance should be at least 4 for meaningful results.


Viscosity (MXS: lqvisc) - The viscosity of the liquid.


Wetting (MXS:wetting ) - when checked the liquid leaves a track over the surface of the bodies, that disappears slowly.


Drying time (MXS:drying ) - the time needed for the liquid to evaporate


Static surfaces correction (MXS: flatliquids) - when the liquid is in equilibrium this option helps to avoid artefacts over the surface