This dialog is used to affect the simulation's grid with textures. There are two available actions over the grid - initialization and attraction. The initialization just sets the grid with the value of the texture when the simulation starts. The attraction is more complicated and affects the grid's content during the simulation, making it to approach the texture's value. The parameter of attraction specifies the part of the distance covered for one second simulation time. For example if the initial temperature is 300K and the texture value is 500, attraction 0.1 means that the temperature will become 320K after one second simulation.



Init (MXS: init_sm, init_t, init_uvw, init_v, init_fl) - when checked initialization will be performed


Attract (MXS:attr_sm, attr_t, attr_uvw, attr_v, attr_fl, attract_sm, attract_t, attract_uvw, attract_v, attract_fl) - when checked attraction will be performed with the given attraction factor


Texture slot (MXS: sm_map, t_map,uvw_map, v_map,fl_map) - allows you to specify a texture to be used for both the initialization and attraction processes.