The PhoenixParticleTexture is a procedural texture calculated over one or more particle systems by blending bell-shaped sub maps connected to each particle. The main purpose of the particle texture is to be used as displacement source of big scale smoke effects, but it can be used fully independent. Using a particle texture highly realistic movement of the fine details can be achieved.


Aura Texture Component

Source particle system (MXS: sources) - This list contains the particle systems used as source for the texture

Blend alpha (MXS: blend_alpha) - When checked the alpha of the sampled sub maps is blended, otherwise it is set to 1

Particle scale affects the radius (MXS: radscale) - When checked the radius of the bell curve is multiplied by the scale of each particle before use. Alternatively the scale affects only the sampling of the sub maps.

Blending method (MXS: blending) -


Map (MXS: map, map_time) - The map connected to the particles. The contribution of each particle is the color from the map multiplied by a bell curve. If no map is specified a white color is used.


Radius (MXS: radius, radius_time) - The radius of the bell curve.

Amplitude (MXS:amplitude, amplitude_time ) - The amplitude of the bell curve.

Shift mode (MXS: shift, shift_mode, shift_time) - Checking this option changes the calculation algorithm. The particles do not contribute to the result color, instead they contribute to the coordinates of sampling. The texture just returns the color of the sub map in a point calculated by shifting the sampling point with some offset determined by the particles. This mode has no effect if no sub map is specified.