The parameters in this rollout control the presence of content in design time. All the values that are enabled are drawn only if the content is over the corresponding threshold.



Cells reduction (MXS: prv_reduct) - allows you to specify what percentage of the cells are going to be displayed in the view port.


Only if selected (MXS: show_only_sel) - When checked the content is shown in the viewports only for the selected nodes.


Active view only (MXS: prv_avonly) - only the selected view port shows the content of the simulator.


Grid Cells (MXS: gridcells) - previews the grid cells in the view port.


AND condition(MXS: prv_and) - when checked every selected channel must meet the conditions to visualize the cell

Temperature (MXS: prv_t_treshold, prv_temperature) - Enables the representation of the temperature


Natural (MXS: prv_plank_t) - when checked the natural color of a hot black body is used for coloring the temperature. Otherwise the ramp is used.

Smoke (MXS: prv_smoke, prv_smoke_color, prv_smoke_treshold) - Enables the representation of the smoke (see remarks for the smoke in rendering section)

UVW (MXS: prv_uvw, prv_uvw_color, prv_uvw_treshold) - Enables the representation of the dragged UVW.


As RGB (MXS: prv_asrgb) - when checked the UVW channel is directly shown as RGB values


Fuel (MXS: prv_fuel, prv_fuel_color, prv_fuel_threshold) - Enables the representation of the fuel.

Velocity (MXS: prv_v_color, prv_v_treshold, prv_velocity) - Enables the representation of the velocity.


GPU Preview background (MXS: prv_gpu_color) - specifies the background color for the Phoenix 3D preview.