This dialog controls the transparency of the content.



Source (MXS: targ) - The source channel passed to the shader.


Texture (MXS: ttxt) - If the source channel is set to "Texture", this slot specifies the texture


Reset - resets the settings to their default values


Modulate (MXS: mod_t) - when the Source is not Texture, this check box allows the Source to be multiplied by the texture in the Texture slot.


Meaning (MXS: transpmode) - Determines the meaning of all the values: Opacity or Transparency.

Exit shading level (MXS: stoptransp) - This parameter increases the performance when very dense smokes are shaded. It causes the shader to stop traversing when the total opacity exceeds a given critical value (or when the transparency drops under some value). This value is specified in the field to the right.

Skip shading level (MXS: skiptransp) - This parameter increases the performance when the empty area surrounding the smoke is rendered. It causes the shader to skip the rendering when the opacity is under the specified value (or the transparency is above).

Simple smoke factor (MXS: smoketransp) - The transparency source parameter has an additional channel - Simple smoke. In fact the source channel is Smoke, but instead of the diagram a simple formula is used. The formula calculates the transparency of a cell with given smoke concentration according to this parameter. The meaning of the value is the transparency/opacity of a cell with Smoke=1.


Transparency/Opacity diagram (MXS: transp_s, transp_t, transp_v) - this diagram allows you to specify the transparency/opacity at a given point as a function of the channel selected in the Source parameter