This dialog is used to enable/disable the interaction with objects in the scene. There are several different types of objects that may affect the simulation:

By default all the objects interact with the simulator. If you want to disable the interaction you have to put the objects in the exclude list. However, in some complicated cases this control of the interaction may be very hard to manage, for such cases it's recommended to switch to include list mode. In this mode you have to add to the list all the objects that you want to interact with the simulator.

It's important to mentioned that if a geometry object is disabled for interaction, it still may be used as source. This is called "non solid source" and is explained in the sources documentation.


As is explained in the simulation section, Phoenix FD is a grid based simulator, and geometry is transferred into voxel form. The cells overlapped by a geometry object are frozen, that means they are processed in different way.

WARNING!!! It's strongly recommended to avoid geometry that have cavities inside, this may cause jets and other undesired phenomena.



Include/Exclude list (MXS: ielist, iemode) - this list determines which nodes must be ignored or processed. Use the radio buttons to set Include or Exclude meaning of the list.


Exclude hidden objects (MXS: exclhidden) - when this option is checked the hidden objects will be excluded regardless of the list content.