This helper is used to affect the simulation's grid with textures. There are two available actions over the grid - initialization and attraction. The initialization sets the grid with the value of the texture when the simulation starts. The attraction is more complicated and affects the grid's content during the simulation, making it approach the texture's value. The Time constant specifies the time it takes for the channel to reach the value specified in the texture under the influence of the Mapper.

The work of the mapper is very similar to the source in brush mode, the Mask is equal to the discharge map, the Time constant is the discharge itself.


Active (MXS: active) - animated checkbox that allows to select the moments of activity.

Initializer (MXS: init) - the mapper can work in two different modes. When this is not checked, it affects the simulation similarly to a Phoenix Source in brush mode - i.e., it tries to match the value of the channel to the value in the map. When this is checked, the mapper just sets the initial conditions for the grid and stops affecting the simulation afterwards.


Channel (MXS: channel) - specifies which channel is affected by this helper.


Map (MXS: map) - allows you to specify a texture.


Mask (MXS: Mask) - a mask that specifies the region which will be affected by the mapper. White values in the texture mean that the region is affected and black values mean that the region is not affected. Gray values in between mean that the region is affected, but with an increased Time constant.


Time constant (MXS: influence) - when the mapper is in "Attraction" mode - i.e. Initializer is disabled - this parameter specifies the time it takes for the channel to reach the value specified in the Map.