This PF operator creates particles based on the fluid parameters. The birth probability is a function of the fluid parameters and is determined by the corresponding diagrams.


Aura Force Component

Phoenix node (MXS: node) - determines which simulator will be used.


Start (MXS: start) - the first frame at which the birth of particles begins.


Stop (MXS: stop) - the last frame at which the birth of particles ends.


Rate (MXS: rate) - a multiplier for the birth probability.


Seed (MXS: seed) - an initial value for the random numbers generator.


Combine (MXS: combine) - the method used to combine the diagram for Temperature, Smoke and Speed.


Add - the values are added.

Multiply - the values are multiplied.

Biggest - the biggest value is selected.


Temperature/Smoke/Speed (MXS: use_t,use_s,use_v, use_f, td,sd,vd,fd) - diagrams representing the birth density based on each source channel.


Reset - resets the corresponding diagram with its default content.