GPU Preview


The parameters in this rollout control the representation of the fluids in the viewport. All the values that are enabled are drawn only if the content is over the corresponding threshold.



Cells reduction (MXS: prv_reduct) - allows you to specify what percentage of the cells are going to be displayed in the viewport.


Only if selected (MXS: show_only_sel) - when checked the content in the viewports is only shown for the selected nodes.


Active view only (MXS: prv_avonly) - only the selected viewport shows the content of the simulator.


Show mesh (MXS:show mesh) - Shows the implicit surface as mesh. The implicit surface is defined in the surface section of the render panel. Note that the Ocean option does not produce the ocean surface in the viewport, because this will decrease the UI response significantly.


Grid Cells (MXS: gridcells) - previews the grid cells in the viewport.


AND condition(MXS: prv_and) - when checked every selected channel must meet the conditions to visualize the cell.

Temperature (MXS: prv_t_treshold, prv_temperature) - enables the representation of the temperature.


As fire (MXS: prv_plank_t) - when checked the natural color of a hot black body is used for coloring the temperature. Otherwise the ramp is used.

Smoke (MXS: prv_smoke, prv_smoke_color, prv_smoke_treshold) - enables the representation of the smoke (see remarks for the smoke in rendering section).

UVW (MXS: prv_uvw, prv_uvw_color, prv_uvw_treshold) - enables the representation of the dragged UVW.


As RGB (MXS: prv_asrgb) - when checked the UVW channel is directly shown as RGB values.


Fuel (MXS: prv_fuel, prv_fuel_color, prv_fuel_threshold) - enables the representation of the fuel.

Velocity (MXS: prv_v_color, prv_v_treshold, prv_velocity) - enables the representation of the velocity.



Foam (MXS: prv_foam, prv_foam_color) - controls the visualization of the foam particle group.


Splash (MXS: prv_splashes, prv_splashes_color) - controls the visualization of the splash particle group.


Other (MXS: prv_prt_color, prv_prt_color) - controls the visualization of the rest of the particle groups.


GPU Preview

This is an extended viewport enabling real-time preview of the content. The Phoenix FD 3d Preview shows only one selected simulator node and uses the parameters of the selected viewport. No displacement and texture channels are supported. To enable it, click with the right mouse button over the viewport type, and select Extended Viewports -> Phoenix FD GPU Preview.


Background color (MXS: prv_gpu_color) - specifies the background color.


Downsampling (MXS:gpudown) - specifies the reduction of the grid resolution displayed by the preview.


Gamma (MXS:gpu_gamma) - gamma for the GPU preview. Any gamma different than 1 makes the rendering a bit slower.


Lighting (MXS:gpu_lightnode, gpu_lighting) - enables the lighting by a given light source.


Ambient light (MXS: gpu_ambient) - when the lighting is enabled, this parameter gives the color of the ambient light.


Export alpha (MXS:gpu_alpha) - when enabled the .png file contains alpha channel that may be used for compositing. Note that the alpha is premultiplied, that means the color is already multiplied by the alpha.


Save during simulation (MXS: gpu_save) - automatically saves the preview of each newly simulated frame, as .png file, in the same path where the simulation result is.


Save - Render the already existing simulation into a preview sequence.