This roll out controls the parameters regarding the fluids motion.


Simulator Panel

Wind From Movement windFromMovement - when checked moving the simulator's box causes internal forces in the opposite direction. It can be used for fire/smoke simulations as well as for liquid simulations.

Moving container of water with Wind from movement option enabled




Std. Gravity gravity, gravityEnbl - when checked a standard gravity of 9.8 m/s^2 (or a custom Gravity Vector) multiplied by this value is automatically added during the simulation.

Gravity Vector gravityVec, gravityVecEnbl - when checked a custom gravity force vector is used instead of the default one (0, -9.8, 0).

Time Scale timeScale - a time multiplier. Can be used for slow motion effects.

Vorticity vorticity - use this parameter to increase/decrease the turbulence.

Vorticity=0 Vorticity=0.2

Pressure Decay pressureDecay - in the real atmosphere the higher we are the lower the pressure is. For small scale simulations the effect is negligible, but for large scale simulations it plays a very important role. The quantity of this parameter is just a multiplier - value of 1 means a pressure decay as in the real earth atmosphere.

Pressure decay - Off
Pressure decay - On

Cooling cooling - this parameter controls the cooling of the fluid due to radiation. Value of 1 corresponds approximately to a real smoke with half thickness 4m. Real cooling is a very complicated process similar to the Global illumination in the rendering, so here a simplified formula is used.


Smoke Buoyancy smokeBuoyancy - the buoyancy of the smoke. Positive values make the smoke move upwards. Negative values make it move downwards.


Fuel Buoyancy fuelBuoyancy - specifies the buoyancy of the fuel.


Forces Mass Mult forcesMassMult - this parameter controls the fluid sensitivity to space warp forces based on the fluid mass. Positive values make the lighter fluid be more easily affected by the forces.



The options in this section allow the user to add random fluctuations in the fluid dynamics.


Amount randAmount - the multiplier of the randomization.


Dynamics randDynamics - the speed of change of the fluctuations.


Inject Mode randInject - If unchecked, random velocity is injected inside the fluid. If checked, random pressure is injected.