This rollout is used to enable/disable the interaction with objects in the scene.



Interaction Set interactionSet - a set to define a list of objects to include/exclude from the simulation. All other objects in the scene are excluded/included respectively.

Exclude List interExcludeList] - if checked, the Interaction Set defines which objects to exclude (all other objects are included), otherwise - which objects to include (all other objects are excluded).


Exclude Hidden Objects interExcludeHidden- when this option is checked, the hidden objects will be excluded regardless of the Interaction Set content.



Object Voxels objectVoxels - each solid object is represented in the grid as voxels. This options chooses how to proceed when given voxel intersects the object's surface i.e. is particularly in the object. It does not produce significant change in the simulation, but is of crucial importance for the rendering. For example, if the object voxels are circumscribed, the liquids can't reach the real objects surface and this is visible in the rendering. This option has a per object form, you have to add the "Phoenix Object Properties" extra attributes.


Object Velocity objectVelocity - controls how to calculate the motion of the solid objects inside the simulator.


Fields Calculation fieldsCalc - controls how often PhoenixFD will evaluate the fields. This can be used to greatly reduce the simulation time.


Multi-threaded fieldsMT - enable the evaluation of the fields from multiple threads.

Warning! This feature is supported only partially. Fields with complicated input (like those using nurbs curves) will crash Maya. Save your scene before trying to use this option!