The VRayHDRI map can be used to load high dynamic range images (HDRI) and map them onto the environment. Supports most of the standard HDRI-environment mapping methods.


[VRayHDRI parameters]

HDR map - the file name of the high dynamic range image. Currently only .hdr and .rad files are supported.


Browse - click this button to browse for an HDR image.


Overall multiplier - a control for the overall brightness of the image. This multiplier affects both rendering and the material edtior.


Render multiplier - controls the brightness of the HDRI image only when rendering; it has no effect on the display of the image in the material editor.


Horiz. rotation - allows rotation of the environment map left and right.


Flip horizontally - flips the environment horizontally.


Vert. rotation - allows rotation of the environment map up and down.


Flip vertically - flips the environment vertically.


Gamma - a gamma-correction value for the HDRI image.


Map type - chooses the environment mapping type.