V-Ray is a renderer plugin for 3ds Max. In order to use V-Ray, you must first select it as your current renderer. You can do that by clicking on the Assign... button in the Current renderers rollout of the Render Scene dialog:


[Choose Renderer dialog]


In 3ds Max 9 and later, the V-Ray parameters are divided into several tabs in the render scene dialog; additionally each tab is divided into several rollouts:

[Render Scene dialog]


For a more detailed description of each rollout, check out the sections below:


V-Ray Frame Buffer

Global switches

Image Sampler (Antialiasing)

Indirect Illumination (GI)

Brute force GI

Irradiance map

Global photon map

Light cache



DMC sampler

Color mapping


Default displacement



All of the parameters are also accessible through MaxScript in 3ds Max 5.x and later. Refer to the V-Ray and MaxScript section for more information.