MaxScript methods



The VRayLightMeter helper allows the user to evaluate how a scene is illuminated at a given time during the day or how it is affected by different light sources. The information can be displayed in the viewport and it can be also saved to a CSV file.



Active - enables or disables the VRayLightMeter helper.




The options in this group allow us to specify the dimensions of the light meter tool and its resolution - the number of points at which the illumination will be measured.


Width - the width of the VRayLightMeter.


Length - the length of the VRayLightMeter.


Width segs - the resolution of the VRayLightMeter in the x direction


Length segs - the resolution of the VRayLightMeter in the y direction.




The settings in this group control the way the illumination information is represented in the view port.


Orientation - enables or disables the preview of the direction from which the light is coming


Viewport text - enables or disables the preview of the actually values of the illumination for each point


Pseudo Colors - when enabled the VRayLightMeter will display a gradient to illustrate the variation in the illumination.


Logarithmic - changes the illumination scale to Logarithmic for the purposes of displaying it in the viewport . This is useful when there is a great variation in the illumination.


Min - specifies the minimum illumination displayed in the viewport in lux.


Max - specifies the maximum illumination displayed in the viewport in lux.


Measured values - specify which part of the illumination in the scene will be measured:


Total illuminance - the total illuminance will be measured - this includes direct light, GI and light coming from the environment.


Direct illuminance - calculates only the illumination from direct lighting.


Indirect illuminance - calculates only the effect of the indirect illumination.


Daylight factor - calculates the illumination coming from the sky.


Calculate - hitting this button will calculate the measured values at the grid points of the light meter helper.


Save to CSV file - this button allows you to save the result in a .csv file.

MaxScript methods

The following methods of the VRayLightMeter object are accessible from MaxScript.


VRayLightMeter method Description


Calculates the values along the light meter grid.
saveCSV <filename> Saves the values from the grid into the specified text file, in CSV (comma separated values) format