Texture input gamma (File, VRayPTex, Substance nodes)

Allow negative colors (File, Substance nodes)

Image file list (IFL) (File nodes)

Texture filter (Substance nodes)

Texture format (Substance nodes)

Additional outputs (samplerInfo nodes)



Additional V-Ray attributes can be added to some of the standard Maya textures to specify additional properties.

Texture input gamma

This group of attributes can be added to File, VRayPTex, and Substance textures.


This group allows you to specify additional color conversions when the bitmap is read from disk in order to bring its color data to linear color space (linear in the physical sense, not perceptual).


Enable input texture correction - when enabled, the input bitmap data will be modified according to the rest of the settings in this group.


Color space - specifies the color space for the input bitmap data:

Linear - the bitmap data is already in physical linear space, so no correction required and none is performed;


Gamma - the bitmap data is gamma corrected with the specified gamma value specified by the Texture input gamma attribute, so V-Ray will need to remove this gamma correction for rendering;


sRGB - the bitmap data is in the sRGB color space, so V-Ray will need to convert it to linear physical space for rendering.


Texture input gamma - specifies the gamma value for the bitmap data.

Allow negative colors

This group of attributes can be added to File and Substance textures.


This attribute tells V-Ray that the texture may contain negative colors. Normally V-Ray will clip negative texture values as they are invalid for most shading operations, however in some cases (e.g. for displacement) negative values are useful. Note that you can also control negative shader colors globally from the Misc section of the V-Ray settings.


Allow negative colors - when enabled, V-Ray will not clip the texture values.

Image file list (IFL)

This group of attributes can be added to File textures and specifies additional options for .ifl files.


IFL start frame - the starting frame for the sequence;


IFL end condition - specifies what happens when the sequence end is reached:

Loop - the texture is looped to start from the beginning;

Ping Pong - the texture is looped alternatively forward and backward;

Hold - the last image in the sequence is used for all subsequent frames.


IFL playback rate - the playback rate.

Texture filter

This group of attributes can be added to Substance textures to control their filtering.


Override texture filter - when enabled, you can control the texture filtering with the Texture filter attribute.


Texture filter - specifies the method for texture filtering:

Texture format

This group of attributes can be added to Substance textures to control the internal bitmap storage when rendered with V-Ray. Note that this feature depends largely on the ability of the Substance engine itself to provide the data with the required precision.


Override texture format - when enabled, you can specify the internal texture storage format when rendered with V-Ray.


Texture format - specifies the internal texture storage format:

Additional outputs

This group of attributes can be added to samplerInfo nodes to make available several additional outputs.


Normal obj - the smooth surface normal in object space.


Normal world - the smooth surface normal in world space.


Geom normal world - the geometric (non-smooth) surface normal in world space.