VRayWater is a procedurally generated texture. It can be used along with Vector Displacement (other types of displacement will not work)in order to simulate waves on the surface of water.


VRayWaterHeight Multiplier - a scale multiplier for the whole texture.


Wind Direction - specifies the wind direction and thus the direction of the waves.


Wind magnitude - specifies the strenght of the wind creating the waves. Higher values produce larger waves.


Wind Direction Multiplier - a multiplier for the importance of the wind direction. Smaller values will produce more variation in the direction of the waves.


Choppy Multiplier - a multiplier for the choppiness of the waves. Higher values will produce shaprer looking waves.


Rate - speeds up or slows down the movement of the waves. This value has effect only in an animation.


Seed - an integer used to set the starting point for the random generator. Different values produce different waves randomly.


Resolution - specifies the amount of detail in the generated map.


Patch size - specifies the real world size of one patch of the VRayWater texture outside of which the surface is perfectly periodic