Feature Changes

Adaptive DMC image sampler

HDRI and V-Ray Sky gamma

Texture Multiplier

Rhino Default Sun

Reflection Texture Color

Anisotropic Vector Derivaton



While there are new features in V-Ray 1.5, we have tried to keep the compatibility with older V-Ray versions where this is possible. Nevertheless, a few changes to the basic operation of the V-Ray rendering engine were made. The most important of these are outlined below. Note that there may be other changes not mentioned here.

Feature Changes

Adaptaive DMC image sampler

The Adaptive DMC image sampler in V-Ray 1.05.29 could not properly reduce noise in darker parts of the image when the Subpixel mapping and Don't affect colors options in the Color mapping section were enabled together with the Gamma setting. This was because the image that the sampler "saw" was quite different from the actual final result and the sampler did not put enough samples in these areas. Such sutiations required lowering of the DMC color threshold to produce a good result.


This is corrected in V-Ray 1.5, but it means that older scenes might render slower than with V-Ray 1.5 because more image samples will be calculated. In most cases, this can be fixed by increasing the DMC color threshold, as it no longer needs to be very low to produce a clean image.


Note that this change concerns image sampling only; other sampling routines (for exmple for GI etc) are not affected.

HDRI and V-Ray Sky gamma

In V-Ray 1.05.29 there was a bug that caused HDRI and V-Ray TexSky to have the incorrect gamma result. We no longer apply the inverse the gamma to and HDRI or TexSky because they have their own gamma value of 1.0. This could affect your final rendering. To get the same result as in V-Ray 1.05.29 you will have to correct the gamma for the HDRI in the V-Ray texture editor. We don’t have a way to correct the TexSky gamma.

Texture multiplier

The texture multiplier is no longer in the texture editor. The texture multipliers are now available by the individual color and texture controls.

Rhino default sun

In V-Ray 1.5 we convert all rhino default sun used in V-Ray 1.05.29 to a Rhino Document sun.

Reflection texture color

In V-Ray 1.05.29 there was a bug that caused the texture color for the reflection slot to be inverted. We fixed this issue in VFR 1.5. If you want to get the same result of VFR 1.05.29 you will have to invert the texture map.

Anistropic vector derivation

In V-Ray for Rhino 1.05.29 we didn’t have this option. The default derivation was “Map channel”. The default UV vector derivation in VfR 1.5 is Local axis Z. If you want to get the same result as in VfR 1.05.29 you have to manually change the option to “Map channel”.


V-Ray 1.5 cannot run with the license server from previous V-Ray versions - you must use the V-Ray license server and dongle provided with V-Ray 1.5 itself. Furthermore the V-Ray 1.5 license server will not work for older versions of V-Ray.


If you already own a dongle for another V-Ray product your dongle can be reprogrammed to consolidate all of your licenses.