V-Ray specific functions


All of the V-Ray RT parameters are available from MaxScript through the renderers structure:


showproperties renderers.activeShade
.traceDepth : integer
.gi : boolean
.gi_depth : integer
.bundleSize : integer
.raysPerPixel : integer
.showStatistics : boolean
.overrideMtl_on : boolean
.overrideMtl_mtl : material
.vrscene_on : boolean
.vrscene_fileName : filename
.vrscene_dontRender : boolean

V-Ray RT specific functions

V-Ray RT also adds some global MaxScript functions:


Global function Description
vrayGetRTBitmap() Returns the contents of current ActiveShade window as a bitmap, or undefined if ActiveShade is not started.
vrayExportRTScene "<scene file>" [separateFiles:true|false] [exportView:true|false] [exportLights:true|false] [exportGeometry:true|false] [exportNodes:true|false] [exportMaterials:true|false] [exportTextures:true|false] [exportBitmaps:true|false] [prefix:<prefix string>] [startFrame:<startFrame>] [endFrame:<endFrame>] [stripPaths:true|false] Directly export the current 3ds Max scene into a .vrscene file from the current viewport. If the separateFiles option is set to true, the scene components will be split in different files depending on their type (view transformation, lights, mesh geometry, node transformations, materials, textures and bitmaps). If the prefix keyword is specified, the prefix string will be added in front of all plugin names in the resulting .vrscene file. If the startFrame and endFrame options are specified, an animated .vrscene file is exported for the specified frames. If the stripPaths option is to to true, then any assets (bitmaps, irradiance maps, IES files etc) are only written with their file name, without the path.