This tab of the Render Settings holds the common options for rendering


Output Image


File Name - specifies the name and extension of the file in which the output will be saved. Note that the file extension directly controls the output format. Most output formats generate a single file per frame, except for .exr which emits additional output files for each render channel.


Save In - specifies a folder in which the output will be saved


OpenEXR options


These options are only available when the output format is set to .exr


Compression type - allows you to choose between the different methods for compression available for the .exr format.


Bits per channel - specifies the dynamic range of the file that is going to be saved. The user can choose between 16 bits(half-float) or 32 bits (full float).


VRay Pass Options


Local to Current Pass - creates a local copy of global VRay Options for the current pass.


Copy VRay Settings


Copy Pass to Global - applies the local VRay settings to the global ones.


VRay Region Copy Options


Pass to Region


Copy from Current - applies VRay settings from the current pass to current viewport render region.


Pass or Region


Copy from Global - copies the global VRay options to current render region settings.


Region to Pass


Region to Current - VRay Options from current viewport render region are applied to the current pass.


Region to Global


Region to Global - copies VRay Options from current viewport render region to global VRay settings.


Use V-Ray VFB - when this option is checked V-Ray will render the image in the V-Ray VFB. This is the recommended mode. If unchecked, the built-in Softimage preview window will be used, with some limitations (only 8-bit color depth is allowed for the built-in preview)