This page collects various useful utilities related to V-Ray for 3ds Max, which are not part of the official V-Ray installations. For any comments or questions on these tools, please write to


Plugin name Description Download links
VRayFur styler This modifier allows you to paint the initial and bend directions for VRayFur objects so that you can sort of "style" the appearance of VRayFur.

3ds Max 9-2017

Mudbox to .vrmesh exporter This is a Mudbox exporter plugin that allows the user to export .vrmesh files directly from Mudbox. The exporter allows to choose a subdivision level to use as viewport preview, and can store painted color maps as vertex colors for use in shaders. Mudbox 2015-2016
VDenoise plugin for Nuke A freeware Nuke plugin that implements the V-Ray denoiser as a Nuke node. Nuke 8-11, Windows and Linux
maketx 1.4.12 A 64-bit recompile of the maketx tool from the OpenImageIO library. Can be used to convert common texture formats to tiled .tx or .exr files for use with V-Ray. Version 1.4.12, 64-bit
VRayColor2Bump This texture allows you to derive a bump map from any 3ds Max color texture. It is useful in case you want to apply f.e. a Color Correction texture to your bump map. It can also be used together with the VRayDistanceTex texture to produce "rounded" corners at intersections of two meshes.

3ds Max 9-2013; V-Ray 2.x
(included in V-Ray 3.x)

VRayBump2Normal This texture allows you to derive a normal map from any 3ds Max bump map texture. It can be useful together with the various relief mapping plugins.

3ds Max 9-2014; V-Ray 2.x/3.x
(included in V-Ray 3.00.06 and later)


This MaxScript extension adds a few MaxScript functions for accessing the render region of the V-Ray frame buffer. The version for V-Ray 2.0 also gives access to the contents of the V-Ray frame buffer. Note that this is already included in V-Ray 2.2 and later.

3ds Max 9-2011, V-Ray 1.5 SP5/SP6


3ds Max 9-2012, V-Ray 2.0/2.1
(included in V-Ray 2.2)

blendimg This little program can be used to blend multiple images together. Originally it was designed to blend images produced by the photon mapping engine of V-Ray when you need to shoot an enourmous amount of photons. It can also be used to sort of render progressive path tracing in distributed rendering mode, where you blend the PPT images produced from several different machines. Download
Bercon Metaballs 1.14 This is a recompile for V-Ray 2.0 of the original open-source plugin Bercon Metaballs 1.14 by Jerry Ylilammi; includes full source code under Apache License 2.0. 3ds Max 9-2013; V-Ray 2.x
VRayDomeEnv This plugin implements "dome" environment mapping suitable for compositing objects over HDR backgrounds. 3ds Max 9-2013; V-Ray 2.x
(integrated in VRayHDRI for V-Ray 3.x)
VRayEmbree An implementation of the Embree raycaster for the V-Ray production renderer 3ds Max 2010-2013; V-Ray 2.3
(integrated in V-Ray 3.x)
vraydr_check This is a command-line tool that allows to remotely check the status of a V-Ray distributed rendering server. V-Ray 2.3 and later; V-Ray 3.x
VRayHairFarmMod A modifier that allows rendering of HairFarm objects as native V-Ray hair primitives. 3ds Max 9-2013 64-bit; V-Ray 2.3
(included in V-Ray 2.4)
VRayBumpMtl A material that allows you to add bump to any other material 3ds Max 2011-2013, V-Ray 2.x
(included in V-Ray 3.x)
Bercon Maps 3.03 This is a recompile for 3ds Max 2015 of the original open-source plugins Bercon Map 3.03 by Jerry Ylilammi; includes full source code under Apache License 2.0. This is not specifically related to V-Ray, but I was asked to recompile it. 3ds Max 9-2015