This page is a collection various useful utilities from the former ASGVIS website.


Plugin name Description Download links
VRayBatchRender_v2 The batch render plugin allows you to add multiple render jobs to a queue to process multiple renderings with V-Ray for Rhino at one time.(Note: this tool does not support animation)

Rhino V4

VRayUtilities This plugin adds a few new utilites for V-Ray for Rhino. Including quick quality controls, progressive rendering feature, view manager, guess vertical shift, animation tools and more. Documentation is included in the download.

Rhino V4 V-Ray v1.05

vrimage2exr This is a command line utility to convert VRIMAGE files to EXR files. You can find more information about the utility here.



This stand alone program allows you to create and save V-Ray materials for use in Rhino and SketchUp.